Combler le « retard d\'effondrement »

Everything sounds better in French, even collapse:

L\’Union soviétique était mieux préparée à l\’effondrement que les États-Unis !

I am happy to announce that my Closing the Collapse Gap slide show has finally breached the language barrier into the francophone world: Combler le « retard d\’effondrement » is now available on Qu\’y a-t-il sur orbite ?


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Merci mille fois! The paucity of data (or its apparent lack) in French is surprising, considering the francosphere is probably more receptive to such claims–a step in the right direction. The only significant source of French info that I know of is Oleocene. Do you know of any others? Communicating the realities of peak oil to my friends is often difficult due to language barriers; I would prefer it if they could inform themselves. Cheers for the effort.

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