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The Twilight of the Antipodes and the Cultural Flip


Presented on May 22 at the Northern California Eco-fest. (For those with browser embed/Google login issues, here\’s a direct link to it.)

Making the Best Use of your Energy Elves


Presented on May 21 at the Northern California Eco-fest. (For those with browser embed/Google login issues, here\’s a direct link to it.)

Northern California Eco-Fest


I\’ll be at the Eco-Fest this Saturday and Sunday. (This little promotional graphic is from Mike Rupert\’s Collapsenet. Not my words; they reminded me of these lyrics: \”A lovely little thinker but a bugger when he\’s pissed.\” Perhaps I resemble this remark; you be the judge.)

I\’ll be speaking on making the best of your Energy Elves (they are like the old fossil-fueled Energy Slaves except much smaller; I seem to have made my peace with them) on Saturday at 11:15.

I\’ll also give a talk about the topsy-turveydom, hardcore stupidity and inevitability of collapse for the current economic scheme and about the various ways we can compensate for it on Sunday 11 to noon.

There is also supposed to be a Q&A with Mike Ruppert, a book signing and some amount of general milling around and meeting people. If you are in the area, please drop by.

"What will a post-collapse society look like?"


Stage 0 Collapse: Talking hipster robot apocalypse. If you haven\’t had your fill of text-to-film yet, enjoy. Thanks, Marcus for putting this together.

Reinventing Collapse 2.0 is now in print


My little box of author\’s copies has finally arrived, and the rest of the print run will be filtering out to book stores, eventually. If you don\’t want to wait, the book is also available directly from the publisher.

Since with a second edition there is hardly any excuse for getting things wrong, I have spent what seemed like an inordinate amount editing and finding and fixing errors. And yet, when I opened the newly arrived book I immediately stumbled on a slight imperfection: in it, I suggest that Osama Bin Laden CIA code name would turn out to be \”Elvis,\” but now it turns out that it was \”Geronimo\” (or his stunt double) who, if you believe the news, was recently killed and dumped in the ocean by a death squad composed of some trained seals. My bad: I should have known that the CIA, being a politically correct organization, would never pick a code name that might be offensive to white people! The world can seem infinitely mysterious; it\’s all a matter of just how gullible you are.

I am sure that the text contains a few other tiny glitches of this sort, but, in all, the fist edition has stood the test of time. The new edition goes beyond it, putting the unfolding collapse into more of a context. Among other things, it provides a new perspective on how Peak Oil is likely to unfold, and it describes viable collapse-era business management and product development strategies. I am happy that the publisher has decided to keep this book alive for a couple more years, as I hope you will be.