Peak Prosperity Podcast: Russia\'s Patience is Wearing Thin

My interview with Chris Martenson:

With the western propaganda flying thick and heavy, it\’s more important than ever to cut through the chaff and learn what we can about the most important geopolitical realignment (and renewed tensions) in recent memory.

Well, look, Russia is a place that\’s extremely dynamic as changing response to challenging environment, to changed environment, very popular throughout the world, at peace with most of the world, even with nations that are at war with each other, both sides will still talk to Russia and have friendly relations. Russia has a splendid relationship with both Israel and Iran for instance.

The United States is a nation that can\’t get anything together, can\’t get anything on, not education, not healthcare, nothing. It\’s basically sinking into a cesspool of its own making it can\’t respond at all. And now, it is basically being shown up to be quite incompetent in playing this international game. Now, what happens if you can\’t play a game by the rules is you\’re penalized and you forfeit the game. So, either the US leadership will learn how to play by the rules or they forfeit. I see those are as the only two real outcomes.

There\’s a difference to how the Russians approach the world and how the Americans approach the world. So, for instance, Americans like to threaten. If you don\’t do this, then we will do X, Y and Z. That\’s a typical American behavior.

That\’s not something that the Russians would ever do because they don\’t threaten, they just act because if you threaten, then you take away the element of surprise which is very important. The other thing is Americans refuse to talk to their enemies, they won\’t negotiate with terrorists, they won\’t do X, Y and Z and can\’t be reasoned with at all. You can just listen to them and do what they say or they\’ll bomb you whereas the Russians always talk to their enemies. Russia keeps the channels of communication open.

And the other thing is that all of this endless trash talking is very detrimental to the business of democracy and there\’s been a constant stream of basically garbage emanating from the west, some of it social media, some of it through the old fashioned press. But, just basically all kinds of lies and disinformation and slander, which makes the tedious business of diplomacy establishing various links at various levels very difficult, if not impossible. So there\’s just this incredible level of disgust with their, as they say, partners in the west in Moscow and the result is they\’re not really eager to talk anymore. They\’re not very interested in communicating. They\’re far more interested in acting. So, what we\’ll probably see is a constant stream of surprises coming from Russia that will be completely unannounced and not predicted by anyone.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Agree with Mr. Orlov. The problem is that beginning with Clinton, we have had immature and sociopathic elites running all of our institutions. It began with Clinton and the War Against Serbia, which if it were not for the leadership of British Gen Mike Jackson, we would have triggered war with Russia. A bunch of scoundrels: Joschka Fischer, Madelieine Albright helped attack the only nation in Europe to successfully resist Hitler and Stalin. Yes, the old Soviet Union collapsed dramatically, but NATO's collapse has been drawn out, since that war on Serbia, but collapse is has, Just as the Soviet Union's collapse was begun with Afghanistan, and took ten years, so this fall of NATO and the US is taking a little bit longer. Having these Democrats in charge hasn't helped. Immaturity from a political class with no knowledge of history. Remember what Santayana said . . .

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I really enjoyed this podcast. You mention Russia's role in giant infrastructure projects. I think you are spot on here. Apart from the Eurasian freight rail networks, various Rosatom projects… what are some other areas Russia will likely be involved in?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hah!! Dmitry you are sooo spot on! If you look at RT and ITar Tass now, Putin has just made deal with Turkey, the gas goes via Turkey to southern Europe. South stream project is \”dead\” Putin will now be selling Europe's gas elsewhere. Like you said Dmitry, Russians don't threaten, they ACT!!! Too bad for Bulgaria. Too bad for the cold cold parts of Europe.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    @Bruce KowalDo you seriously think it would be better with McCain or Romney in the White House and their neocon buddies running State?Are you also forgetting 8 years of Bush 43?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Mr. Kowal, I agree with your diagnosis of \”immature and sociopathic elites.\” I would add, however, that such elites are little worse than a distillation of the masses. So much of the population is composed of ignorant, self-centered, greedy, and petulant rubes who have too much 'freedom' and too little compassion and sense. This is the soil from which the flowers bloom.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I think you might be a little out of date with the 'freedom', there, Sam.

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Dmitry, I completely agree with your assessment. And the most amazing thing is that there are many out there who seriously think that the US is winning this new Cold War against Russia. I wonder how late in the game they will come to realize that is really happening.Kindest regards and thanks for what you are doing,The Saker

  8. Anonymous Says:

    So, that's what you sound like. Well said and in agreement with your assessment of the west and particularly the U.S., which is the leader of sycophants of the EU and NATO.How about some more pod-casts in the future…

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Dimitry, Russia just abandoned the South Stream project. The way how Russia implemented the major decision was as you described – without threats, just acting. This is extremely bad news for the Balkans, as if Stalin decided not to enter Romania and Hungary in 1944 and signed a peace treaty with Nazis.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    I think the point is that the past several USA administrations have been terrible at foreign policy & diplomacy. The Obama administration has behaved very like the Bush administration. Possibly even worse, if that's possible. Consider how it squandered the initial 2008 goodwill. Previous USA administrations were quite bad, too, until one gets back to … oh … Richard Nixon.By the standards and accomplishments of all the USA presidents who came after, Nixon looks pretty good in retrospect. Damning with faint praise.Dmitri, thanks for telling it how you see it. Your perspective continues to be enlightening.

  11. Anonymous Says:

    I was pleased with this interview. Though Orlov showed a clear partiality to Russia, I didn't think that he was spinning, but merely spoke from where he stands. It provided solid information about the fabricated crisis with Russia that we would be otherwise be denied.Keep up the good work.

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