Episode 2

As an imminent Russian invasion of the Ukraine continues to look less and less plausible in spite of American hysteria, I rest on my laurels as a geopolitical prognosticator and put on my linguist hat to make some more videos for Russian-speaking English aficionados. To be sure, I’ll get back to writing on geopolitics as soon as anything notable happens—more notable, that is, than hot air spewed by political talking heads or movements of minuscule quantities of troops and weapons.

In this episode, I explain how the English language became a creole of mangled French and Latin words in an Anglo-Saxon-Scandinavian-Norman sourdough mix with a continuously mutating disaster instead of a vowel system and an orthography that is seven centuries out-of-date and rotten to begin with. And yet this is the language of international discourse on planet Earth? Give me another globe! There seems to be something wrong with this one.


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