A Russian invasion for $2.7 billion, please!

The U.S. has committed more than $2.7 billion in military assistance to the Ukraine since 2014. It hasn’t helped; or has it?

Fake news alert: the Americans are flying into the Ukraine crates filled with Chinese-made Russian flags—large and small. The full-size flags are distributed among the Ukrainian armed forces massed in the east of the country, one per vehicle, while bundles of the little ones are prepositioned in the cities and along the highways that lead west. There is no evidence at all that this bit of news isn’t entirely fake; and yet…

Biden has admitted it: “And there is no way we were ever going to unite Ukraine…I mean excuse me Iraq… Afghanistan…” he said. Libya, Syria, whatever. I am glad that he can rattle off US foreign policy fiascos under pressure. It shows that the old guy can still think on his feet. But the initial truthiness outburst is evidence that he is borderline non compos mentis: how dare he speak the truth to a US television audience? That’s grounds for impeachment, isn’t it?

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