Who will denazify the Ukraine?

Short answer: the Ukrainians will.

Long answer: let me walk you down a very short memory lane, merely 16 days long, starting from February 22, 2022. On that day, the majority of Ukrainian forces were massed deep inside the territories of Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics—the two statelets populated by Russians, many of them Russian passport-holders. The Ukrainian forces were within striking range of their capital cities and (as recently obtained official documents prove) were planning an all-out attack on them. That would have been an act of genocide which Russia would have had no choice but to try to stop.

Since the Ukrainian regime does not dare to do anything major without first receiving an “all clear” signal from Washington, this attack would have been on strategy with Washington’s goals, which, perfectly clearly, were to mire Russia in a Ukrainian civil war. This war would in turn provide the rationale for international isolation which would crush Russia’s economy and force it to once again provide its natural resources to the West for almost nothing. Were this plan to fail, the West would collapse.

The way it looks now, this plan is failing. I will return to this subject in a little while; by then the situation will have become clearer to a few more people. As people go through the inevitable denial-anger-bargaining sequence, it is best to hang back until the bargaining part is reached; only then does reasoned discussion become possible.

While the Ukrainian regime was frustrated in its efforts to join NATO by the fact that it does not control its own territory, it in fact surrendered the Ukraine to NATO forces, allowing NATO to order its military around and turning itself over to NATO’s use, thus bringing NATO within striking range of Moscow and driving NATO’s expansion east along the same route used by previous Western invaders—Napoleon and Hitler. Thus, the Ukrainian regime blithely trod across a very well established Russian red line that was guaranteed to trigger a military response. Given the vast disproportion in military strength, this was a delusional, suicidal move.

To top all of this off, at the Munich security conference held this February the (former?) Ukrainian president Zelensky professed his desire to develop nuclear weapons with which to attack Russia. Note that the Ukraine had sufficient nuclear materials, technologies and knowhow, inherited from the USSR, to rush through such a development program, especially if with US help. Although this would directly violate the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (“non-nuclear-weapon states agree never to acquire nuclear weapons”), he did not get any pushback from the assorted Western luminaries assembled there. Thus the Ukrainian regime thus did everything necessary to fashion itself into an immediate existential threat to Russia, sealing its fate.

The Russian response, nicknamed “Operation Z” from the letter “Z” painted on Russian armor involved in it, has two objectives: demilitarization and denazification. The demilitarization part is simple: completely destroy the Ukraine’s military capability (much of it inherited from the USSR) and refashion it into a militarily neutral confederation of semi-sovereign statelets, its security provided for by Russia. Just as everyone should have expected, the conscription-based Ukrainian military, armed with well-worn Soviet-era weaponry, with its morale somewhere down around its ankles, proved no match to the fully modernized and rearmed Russian military and is being systematically destroyed, with the surrendering soldiers being fed, bandaged up and sent home.

Thus, the demilitarization is going swimmingly and as of this writing what’s left of the Ukrainian regime no longer poses a military threat to anyone except its own population, which is still being terrorized by Ukrainian Nazis. And that brings us to Part II: Denazification, which is much more complicated and requires a more thorough explanation. Many people are currently scratching their heads, trying to imagine what it could possibly be, and I am happy to be able to offer an explanation.

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