Europe has no alternative to Russian natural gas

Those who are still paying attention to the pronouncements of European marionettes I mean national leaders, and who know a thing or two about energy, were probably quite amused to hear one of them say that Germany plans to reduce its imports of Russian gas to 10%, and another one to declare that Europe won’t be paying for Russian gas in roubles because he doesn’t even know what a rouble looks like. Silly pronouncements like these are to be expected from marionettes, who probably haven’t been to school, and if they were, then it was probably some sort of marionette school where they didn’t have to struggle with hard subjects like math, physics or chemistry.

We can lament all we want the sorry state of old European nations and the fact that they are figureheaded by brainless prats, but for those of us still possessed of mental faculties this won’t change the fact that Europe cannot survive for long without Russian natural gas. A proper motto for Europe would be “Give me Russian gas, or give me death!”

I will now provide a full rationale for this motto in both a short-term and a long-term perspective.

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