Sanctions from Heaven

It’s midsummer, the weather and hot and everyone is feeling lazy. Yet we must press on with our relentless blogging and do our best to feed the cuckoo bird that lives inside your hat. And today I will write about Sanctions from Heaven which were designed to enrich Russia, destroy Europe and temporarily distract America from its failing economy and batshit-crazy society.

There are a couple of theories as to where these sanctions came from and how they were imposed. One theory is that they were drafted in Washington, and when the Russians found out about them, they absolutely loved them and launched the Special Military Operation in the former Ukraine to make sure that they are enacted forthwith because they couldn’t wait to reap their bounteous benefits.

Another theory is that the sanctions were drafted in the Kremlin, ratified in Washington and signed off on by Biden during Putin’s and Biden’s tête-à-tête in Geneva. Then Biden and Putin together did the whole endless shadow puppet theater around the Ukraine which culminated in the launch of the Special Operation once Putin could claim that Biden made him do it and Biden could say that Putin was going to do it all along and that it’s time to impose sanctions, gently elbowing his faithful Europuppets into issuing loud cries of “It’s all Putin’s fault!” before ceremonially slitting their wrists on Putin’s altar by mercilessly wrecking their economies and causing grave and irreparable harm to their constituents.

And that brings us to the metaphysical question of Who rules the world, really? If you think that it’s the Deep State or the Davos crowd or some other shadowy clan, then perhaps you should be reading some other blog. Yes, all of these groups have nefarious plans but, no, their plans are not working out as planned and the present, never mind the future, is looking nothing like what they had imagined. If Sanctions from Heaven were designed to maim and mangle the European economies while greatly benefiting Russia (as we will show) and briefly distracting Americans from their sorry predicament, then it follows that Russia rules the world. And who rules Russia? You could say that Putin rules Russia, but then Putin would beg to differ and say that Russia is ruled directly by God and that no other answer makes any sense.

There are a couple of takes on that is well. If you like the idea of God, then you could just agree with Putin and think that it’s all God’s doing and all Putin has to do is practice the ancient Taoist method of Doing Nothing, or Action Through Inaction, called wúwéi (traditional: 無為; simplified: 无为). Metaphysically speaking, Putin is then just God’s agent for ruling Russia while the West, which He wishes to destroy, He drives mad directly. An alternative take, for those who don’t like God, is that it’s all Putin’s doing: that Putin is a superhuman prime mover behind most human affairs. You may then quibble over whether he is an angelic or a satanic presence. A middle position is to claim that Putin is a god, but this immediately begs the question Who else is part of that pantheon? Stumblegramps Biden, perhaps, or bloviating buffon Trump, or Ursula von der Lyin’?

At this I wish to suspend the metaphysical discussion, stating for the record that I personally prefer the view that Russia is a most unlikely country that would have ceased to exist ages ago were it not continuously willed into existence directly by a just and merciful God, and that Putin is no more than His faithful servant. But that’s just my wild-ass guess; feel free to formulate your own.

It remains to expound the wholesome and beneficial effects of the Sanctions from Heaven (as far as Russia is concerned) and their fire-and-brimstone effects on the Sodom and Gomorrah of contemporary European Union, about which I will now go into in detail.

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