The Fading Phantom of Western Unity

It is often possible to diagnose people’s problems by taking note of what they repeatedly, compulsively bring up in conversation. These tend to be objects of their ardent desire that happen to be woefully lacking in their lives.

For example, Americans will often talk compulsively about guns, which they tend to see as a way of providing for their personal security. This is because they are woefully lacking in personal security: at any moment some armed-to-the-teeth crazed maniac (of which there are millions circulating freely in their midst) could come at them and blast them away—while they are sleeping, or picking up their children at school, or sitting on the toilet, or bending down to pick up a penny. Thus they arm themselves to the teeth and subsist in a state of paranoid rage.

Another example: American leaders compulsively mention “freedom and democracy.” These are things that they supposedly have and must spread over the rest of the planet, whether the planet wants it or not. Specifically, the rest of the planet should not be allowed to democratically vote against this American “freedom and democracy” nonsense and remain blissfully free of it. Given that the US itself is not a democracy (as can easily be proven with numbers), what US politicians mean by “democracy” is anything but.

But by now most of the planet has figured out, all on its own, what is or isn’t “democratic” in American parlance: those who follow American dictate are democratic; those who wish to follow their own advice are undemocratic. That’s all it is: democrats are obedient while the disobedient are dictators who must be overthrown. This scheme being rather transparently self-serving and idiotic, the circle of obedience is ever shrinking and at this point encompasses just the EU and NATO countries, plus the Anglo countries and a few remaining scattered colonies and dependencies. And even this circle is now visibly fraying around the edges.

And this brings us to the next ardently desired but woefully lacking phantom entity to compulsively bring up at every international meeting where US or EU representatives are to be found: Western unity…

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