How to Oppose Unhealthy Narratives

One of the mainstay techniques of contemporary psychological warfare is through the enforced use of narratives. A narrative sets out a set of definitions which then serve as reality-filters: any step off the narrow path these definitions provide is regarded as automatically offensive and requiring disciplinary action, while disputing the accuracy of these definitions is as pointless as disputing geometric axioms. Some narratives amount to hate speech and as such can be opposed through legal means as extremist, for promoting social division and strife. Others are based on a sort of false moralizing, appealing to our better natures and berating and seeking to punish those who refuse to go along with the program.

Such narratives are difficult to oppose because those who try to oppose them often make one and the same fatal mistake: they attempt to fight the narrative within its confines and its definitions. But the moment you accept the terminology of the narrative you become its prisoner. From that point on any struggle to free yourself from it becomes futile. The correct approach is to deprive the narrative of all of its validity by refusing to accept its key terms. Let us work through a few examples.

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