Russia’s Retreat from Kherson: is it Tactical or Strategic?

Over the past couple of years an amazing transformation has taken place: a gigantic teeming mass of internet-based freelance virologists has spontaneously transformed itself into an equally teeming mass of geopolitical experts. And now, with equal suddenness, these geopoliticians have become military experts. Some of these newly hatched military experts are now opining that Russia’s decision, announced two days ago, to pull its troops out of a piece of land on the right bank of the Dniepr, on which sits the city of Kherson, is a strategic defeat. It is strategic because Russia’s strategy with regard to this region is—what? And it is a defeat because a retreat is the opposite of victory, which, in the context of Russia’s special operation in the former Ukraine, would be—what? They don’t know (being newly hatched), but “strategic defeat” sure sounds important and is meant to convince us that these virologists I mean military experts definitely know what they are talking about. And even if they don’t, just throw in some Deep State, a few Bilderbergers, a Schwab or two, season, toss, and you’ll have yourself a fine word salad.

If you prefer something beefier to sink your teeth into, here is some background. More…

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