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Biden’s Grand Plan and its Failure


Biden may be a sad, withered shadow of a man, but he is a mere mascot, while his clan is certainly not lacking in dastardly ambition. It managed to get into power stealing the US presidential election by every kind of libel, forgery and fraud, then worked assiduously to keep its stranglehold on political power perpetual by funneling US Treasury funds to US electoral campaigns through the Biden clan’s favorite money laundering machine known as the Ukraine. Realizing that the US cookie jar is nearly empty of cookies but overflowing with worthless IOUs, causing living standards in the US to start dropping precipitously, the Biden clan endeavored to rob Russia of its natural resources by strangling it politically, economically and militarily. To this end, it employed, once again, its favorite money laundering machine known as the Ukraine, diverting some of the funds being laundered toward military spending, training and equipping the Ukrainians to attack the Donbass, thus giving Russia no choice but to rise to its defense, this “act of naked aggression” in turn giving the entire “civilized world” an excuse to strangle it politically, economically and militarily. To make sure that the entire “civilized world” would go along with this plan with unquestioning obedience, the Biden clan held an obedience training exercise which it called “the pandemic”: it unleashed on the world a relatively innocuous lab-made virus, then used mind control tactics to attempt to assert total control of the global population, forcing it to accept counterproductive lockdowns, useless mask-wearing and actually harmful (though highly profitable) vaccinations. But wait, there’s more! The plan listed above was but a preamble to getting at the ultimate prize — China — which had grown from a subservient workshop economy into a major world power and is poised to displace the US from its hegemonic position. The defeat of Russia and the subsequent plundering of its resources would pave the way to the defeat of China, with a battle over the independence of Taiwan as an excuse. And with that the mighty US would be able to continue burning through an obscenely large share of the world’s remaining natural resources at a completely ridiculous rate for a couple more decades instead of collapsing later this year or maybe the next or the one after.


Putin to Russia’s enemies: Incoming!


A good way to determine whether you are still alive is by asking whether you can still feel wonder and amazement at watching the changes sweeping the world. Most such changes are gradual and hard to detect as part of your day-to-day experience, and so it is useful when someone important stands in front of you for an hour, as Putin did today before Russia’s Federal Assembly, and explains exactly what has happened and exactly what is gong to happen. It is also quite entertaining: Putin is someone who is naturally irrepressible and refuses to hold back. His Russian also has a tremendous dynamic range: one moment he sounds like a streetwise kid from the tough streets of Leningrad, and another moment he sounds like a lawyer and a consummate technocrat, literary scholar or even a theology student. Well, he is all of these things. Like him or hate him (few people manage to feel neutral about him) but he is difficult to ignore. Especially since, as is usual, his annual address to the Federal Assembly was not lacking in linguists call performantives — statements that do not express opinion or impart information but actually transform reality in specific ways. And these it is important to know about, especially if you reside in one of the countries whose leaders have (very stupidly) decided to be Russia’s enemies, since, ultimately, it is your ass that’s on the line. You may stand in awe of the awesome leader whose name is Vladimir Putin (there is nothing to stop you) but, more to the point, I feel it is my humanitarian duty to warn you what’s likely to happen before someone shouts “Incoming!” That way, you might formulate a better plan than just covering yourself with a white sheet and slowly crawling toward the cemetery (so as to not cause a stampede in which someone might get trampled). And so…

The Limits of War


A hot war is raging in the heart of the European subcontinent which, if you consult a geographic map, ranges from the scenic Cabo da Roca in Portugal (free admission) to the majestic Urals mountain range at the eastern edge of European Russia. The current locus is on the newly (re)acquired Russian provinces of Lugansk, Donetsk, Zaporozhye and Kherson. Along with some other provinces, such as Odessa, Kharkov and Kiev, these were Russian lands until Vladimir Lenin saw it fit to lump them into a hastily concocted Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic. But that chimeric entity has been gone for over 30 years now and what came in its stead has proven to be nonviable and is currently in advanced stages of political decomposition. It is the proverbial suitcase without a handle: impossible to lift but too valuable to leave behind; hence the current conflict, which is all about cracking it open and picking through the loot that’s inside it.


Is the Ukrainian front about to crumble?


A major development seems to be underway on the Ukrainian side of the slow-moving frontline. For months now the only reason the Ukrainians have been able to hold their own against the Russians is because their access, via mobile internet, to NATO satellite data and analytical information has been allowing their artillery and rocket systems to precisely target Russian equipment and troops. This forced the Russians to act quickly: roll to a position, fire a salvo ata Ukrainian target and scoot away before that position can be targeted. The data feed is provided by Elon Musk’s Starlink satellite internet terminals, some 20000 of them, spread out across the entire 1000km frontline. As often happens, and as I pointed out in my 2017 book Shrinking the Technosphere, often the most efficient and cost-effective form of technology is counter-technology: cheap but effective devices that turn very expensive, advanced technology into a useless heap of junk. This is precisely what is happening now thanks to the efforts of brilliant young Russian engineers and scientists working at the Sestroretsk military factory.