Do you want to start a revolution?

I now live in Russia, a happy country where roughly 90% of the population supports the president and his special operation in the former Ukraine, feels that the country is moving in the right direction and is generally unified and patriotic.

This is quite unlike the US, where I lived before and where roughly half the population absolutely hates the government, making no comparison to Russia even possible. What’s more, the other roughly half of the US population absolutely hates their country, taking pleasure in burning flags and toppling historical monuments. It’s a manic, bipolar sort of country with a touch of schizophrenia.

What makes this situation particularly amusing is that the first, government-hating half includes plenty of both former and acting soldiers, policemen and spooks while the second half is stocked with all sorts of activists, anarchists, would-be terrorists and general misfits and malcontents. Both sides have formed organizations with memberships into the hundreds of thousands of potential torch and pitchfork wielding maniacs seemingly ready to launch into waves of murder and mayhem at a drop of a hat.

So, what keeps this entire moiling fiasco of a country under control?


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