More Weapons for the Ukrainians as a Way to Peace

“Weapons are the way to peace,” quoth NATO secretary general Stoltenberg at the Davos conference, advocating for more weapons to be sent to the rapidly failing Nazi dictatorship in Kiev. Those who know and love old Jens probably heard this and clapped their hands in joy—”Yay, more weapons!”—whereas I, having long ago concluded that he is a cross between a Doltenberg and a Stultenberg, was loathe to admit that for once he spoke the absolute, unadulterated truth: funneling all of NATO’s weapons (except the nuclear ones, of course) to the hapless Ukrainians would be most conducive to not just ridding the world of these terrible weapons but also eliminating the remnants of Ukrainian Nazis and whatever foreign mercenaries and NATO special forces are embedded in their midst.


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