Global Warming on Earth and Other Planets

Earth’s climate is changing quite rapidly, and many people have allowed themselves to be convinced that this is due to something called “anthropogenic global warming” and that the culprit is carbon dioxide emissions from burning fossil fuels, farming, land clearing and other human activities. This isn’t so much a theory as a hypothesis—an unproven one. It is based on computer models, and the problem with those is that they generally show what people who pay for the research want them to show; if not, they pay somebody else to get the results they want.

And the reason these particular results were desirable was because they could be used to justify giant money-making schemes, such as taxing carbon emitters, trading carbon credits and, of course, building out wind and solar generation capacity that is expensive, intermittent, unreliable, short-lived and compromises the integrity of electric grids. Promulgating this hypothesis as a God-given truth also made it possible to riddle many people with guilt, causing them to voluntarily curtail their energy consumption, in turn allowing the rich to continue to get richer even as energy availability in the formerly rich countries starts to decline. Al Gore, Clinton’s VP and great big climate alarmist, grew obscenely rich by exploiting climate hysteria. He was last seen at the Davos conference spouting more of his climate alarmism; luckily, few people in the world still listen to him.

But now comes an important piece of news that blows up the anthropogenic climate change hypothesis clear out of the water: it is not just our globe that’s warming but also all the other globes in the solar system. What?! Well, yes, the evidence is in, and it is most puzzling. Nobody knows what the cause is, but the effect is definitely measurable and significant.


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